This is the church in Madhar. It is Pastored by Pastor Daniel. Many of the members of this church once believed in a goddess by the name of Yellama. This goddess asked that her followers dedicate their young daughters to her. They would be married to this goddess in a ceremony where the young girl, often younger than 12 years of age, and sometimes as young as 8 would be taken from her parents, and ceremoniously be raped by the high priest. After he was finished, his rich friends would have their turn, and later, she would be pimped out as a temple prostitute (a public prostitute), where the proceeds would go to the maintenance of the temple and the riches of the high priest. This community has now accepted Christ as their personal savior and have given up this evil practice.

This picture shows a caravan of pilgrims carrying their goddess Yellama to a river for worship.

The people of Upphar who are pastored by Pastor Laxman Dabuji. He has founded 4 churches. This community belonged to an upper caste community. They worshiped several gods and goddesses, and found no peace in them. A gospel tract was instrumental in his conversion. He faced intense persecution because of his conversion. His parents died without sharing any ancestral property with him. He was falsely accused of accepting bribes and paying money to get people to convert. He and his 2 sons were put into prison because of it. Still, he would not give up his new found faith.

This picture is from the village of Chalavadi. They are pastored by Pastor Kempanna. He came from a Hindu background, and was the first in his village to accept Christ. The village elders threw him out of the village because of his faith in Christ. He spent one year on the streets before joining a bible college. After his graduation he returned to his village and preached the gospel in spite of severe persecution. Through his preaching many young people were saved, including his own younger brother. This caused his parents to come to him and ask his forgiveness, and they also accepted Christ. He has now planted 5 churches.