Reaching kids at a very early age is our aim. We do so through singing choruses, teach Bible stories, memorizing Bible versus, skits and plays to assist the child to discover their hidden potentials and talents. We work to make them aware of their spiritual and social commitments in integrating into the society.


Photo to the left shows most of the children from the

Rebekah Children's Home of Hope


This is a place especially for risky girl children born to unwed mothers who are "Ritual Harlots or Temple Prostitutes". Poor parents belonging to the poor of the poorest community believe in dedicating their young daughters to a goddess called Yellamma, in a false belief that the goddess will take away all their poverty and sickness from their family.

These young girls believe they are married to the goddess. They perform duties like cleaning the temple, perform rituals and fulfill the desires of all the male devotees. In the process these young girls become pregnant and conceive children and gradually lose their charm and are no longer able to attract men. It is then that they end up on the streets begging or work in the farm. Children born to them in the process end up as child laborers or in the hands of child traffickers.

It is such risky children that we take into our home and provide them shelter, food, clothing, education and health care which will strengthen the children to reap the benefits.

Picture above shows children going to school.

Children doing their homework.

The 2 pictures above shows the children on an picnic outing to the river sponsored by U.S. visitors.